Bow Bakery House Co., Ltd. aims to be the best medium enterprise specialized in making homemade semi-industrial bakery products in Thailand. We try our best to blend the art of homemade bakery with high-tech machinery to make the best products for our customers and commercial partners.

We have a full range of bakery categories such as Cake, Cookie, Puff Pastry (Pie, Danish, Croissant, and Eclair), Sandwich, Bread, etc. Our factory has been certified GMP&HACCP since 2009. Now we are a professional manufacturer of high-quality bakery products with fast and reliable service.

Executive Officers


Wisit Sodsaengthien (Dum) and Ruja Sodsaengthien (Bow)
Managing Director



“Bow Bakery House” was established on 5 December 1999 as a small bakery shop. We started the company with only 1 worker and 1 old oven to bake delicious bakery products for our customers using an old recipe handed down from Mrs. Bow’s mom. In 2002, we changed our mission to supply homemade bakery to support coffee stores around Bangkok. Banrei Coffee Chain is our first customer at that time.


Now we are a leading supplier of a wide variety of bakery to more than 300 retail coffee shops and 5 major chain stores such as Kudsan in Seven Eleven, Amazon café, Intanin coffee, True coffee, etc.